Construction on Last Stretch of Ohio River Greenway Project Begins

At this morning’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, the Board approved the beginning of construction on the final stretch of New Albany’s commitment to the Ohio River Greenway Project.

Construction will begin shortly, with cranes and materials being moved in this week. Work will then begin on the foundation of the board walk beginning February 6th, and will necessitate driving H-piles (square, structural beams) deep into the ground to secure the structure. The driving of H-piles can be loud at times, but work will be restricted to normal construction hours.

This new construction on the Greenway, combined with Clarksville’s new construction, is an investment of over $10 million towards reconnecting residents of Southern Indiana to the Ohio River. The third section of New Albany's portion of the project is an 80/20 match.  INDOT funds cover 80% of the project cost and New Albany is responsible for the other 20%.

For more information about the history of the Ohio River Greenway Project:

Initial Work on Grid Modernization Begins

Initial work on the Grid Modernization Project, which will transform New Albany’s downtown grid from a 1-way traffic system to 2-way streets, has begun. 

Two initial steps have been taken to start the process: 

1. All non-American with Disabilities Act compliant ramps in the downtown grid system are currently being updated to provide connectivity and access for all that use our downtown sidewalks. 

Working from an inventory that was recently completed by local engineering firm Jacobi, Toombs, & Lanz, Inc., crews have been working since early January on bringing these important infrastructure items up to code. While the largest number of updated ramps are mostly limited to Spring, Market, and Elm streets, side streets with non-compliant ramps are being updated as well. This initial work is expected to be completed by the end of February.

2. Bumpouts on the north side of Market Street are being reconfigured beginning Monday, January 30th.

The bumpouts along the north side of Market Street are being reconfigured in preparation of 2-way traffic along Market Street. By having these bumpouts re-aligned, the city will be able to retain the same number of parking spaces along this corridor when the conversion to 2-way streets is made. During the construction, an estimated 6 parking spaces will be unavailable until the full conversion is made. However, once the 2-way street conversion is complete, all current parking spaces are expected to return.

Future schedule for the Grid Modernization Project

Milling and paving of the downtown grid will begin shortly after asphalt plants reopen in Spring 2017. The project will then begin the installation of a new signalization system, along with accessible pedestrian facilities at each signalized crossings. The contractual completion date for the entire 2-way conversion is September 30, 2017.

Comprehensive Plan Moves to Council for Approval

For over a year, the City has been working hard on updating its Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan outlines public policy with regards to land use, transportation, housing, recreation, and utilities.

Gathering Community Input

The city began by extensively interviewing over a dozen stakeholders, including realtors, educators, developers, neighborhood reps, and others. In September of 2016, a public meeting was held at the Calumet Club, with all residents invited to attend and provide their thoughts on how to best move the city forward. The city also received over 700 responses from residents to an on-line survey that allowed New Albanians to give feedback on what issues are important to them and what the comprehensive plan should focus on. This is all in addition to the hundreds of hours from volunteer steering committee members that helped guide and shape the plan based on input directly from residents.

Highlights of the Plan

The comprehensive plan that will go before the City Council for approval outlines the future development for the city, including additional latitude for zoning and code enforcement. It also includes protections for the knobs, one of our most treasured natural resources. Additionally, the comprehensive plan details goals for the decentralization and modernization of public housing.

“The comprehensive plan focuses on creating a more environmentally aware plan for future development and redevelopment of New Albany,” stated Scott Wood, Director of Planning and Zoning.

The comprehensive plan also includes strategies for continuing to grow our downtown, protections for adjoining neighborhoods, and a renewed focus on making New Albany a more walkable and pedestrian friendly city.


New Albany Municipal Utilities Moving to More Accessible Location

The New Albany Municipal Utilities (NAMU) will be moving into a more convenient and accessible location for customers in February. NAMU currently is on the third floor of the City-County Building located at 311 Hauss Square, and oversees the billing services for all municipal utilities, including sewer, stormwater, and trash services.

NAMU is moving to the first floor of the newly rehabilitated former News and Tribune building at 303 Scribner Drive effective Monday, February 6th. The building was recently rehabilitated by local developer Matt Chalfant. The move will be completed on the weekend prior to opening, as to not interfere or negatively impact customer service.

The office will be located on the first floor of the building, with a convenient parking lot, dedicated handicapped-parking spaces, and on-street parking available. Additionally, residents will not have to go through metal detectors or a security gate simply to pay their bill or get a question answered from the department.

“This will be a much more convenient and accessible location for residents who need to visit our offices, whether to pay a bill or solve an issue,” stated April Dickey, Billing Director for the department.

New Phase of Grant Line Road Project Begins Initial Stages

At this morning’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, the Board approved initial steps on the next phase of the Grant Line Road Project. This work will provide an additional northbound lane between Daisy Lane and Beechwood Avenue and mill and re-surface the roadway from Daisy Lane to McDonald Lane. It will add curbs and gutters, and provide a 5 foot sidewalk on the east side and complete the 8 foot multi-use path on the west side of Grant Line Road. These facilities will provide pedestrian connectivity on Grant Line Road from Daisy Lane to Mt. Tabor Road.

The project will also include intersection improvements at Daisy Lane, Beechwood Avenue, and Jollisant Avenue, adding additional turn lanes where needed, and will work to improve the flow of traffic at the Beechwood/Daisy/Grant Line Road intersection. Additionally, included in the project are pedestrian safety enhancements, including new pedestrian signal equipment and improved crosswalks.

This project is federally funded at an 80/20 level, with an overall project cost of approximately $5 million. Project officials are currently in the process of purchasing small parcels of right-of-way from 41 property owners along the construction area. Appraisals are currently underway. Adjacent property owners have been notified of the project.

The project is scheduled to let in January 2018, with construction beginning in Spring of 2018.