Historic Cast Iron to be Restored at Culbertson Mansion

The Culbertson Mansion is set to tackle its largest capital improvement project to date with a full restoration of the home's cast iron. Since its construction 150 years ago, the cast iron throughout the property has endured significant damage, and the preservation of this architectural feature has become one of the state's top priorities.

"The City of New Albany is the proud host of one of the state's most popular historic sites, the Culbertson Mansion. We are thrilled to announce these renovations which will retain the original character of the Culbertson home. Many thanks to the Tourism Bureau for realizing the role New Albany plays in bringing tourists to Southern Indiana, and to Jessica Stavros with the State of Indiana for her dedicated efforts to restore the historic property," stated Mayor Gahan.

The City of New Albany was recently awarded $825,000 for tourism-friendly projects and amenities. Other projects include riverfront improvements, like boat ramps, campgrounds, fishing areas, hiking, water recreation, nature trails, and more. A portion of this grant money will go the Culbertson Mansion Cast Iron Restoration Project.

At a cost of nearly one million dollars, the cast iron restoration will tackle the Mansion's fence, limestone retaining walls, walkways, all four exterior porches, and several other features. Additionally, the Culbertson Mansion plans to host a series of workshops for those interested in cast iron restoration.

"We want to ensure that our community is aware of what goes into a project like this, especially since Cast Iron is such a prominent feature of New Albany's historic homes. Most of these pieces were forged right here in New Albany, or across the river in Louisville, so we invite our friends and neighbors to stay involved with us throughout the process," added Jessica Stavros.

Work is expected to begin this Fall, and no site closures are anticipated.

Bicentennial Park Summer Concerts - July Lineup

After a jam-packed 4th of July weekend, we are ready to get back to some music at Bicentennial Park! Each show will be held on Friday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. throughout the summer in historic downtown New Albany’s Bicentennial Park, located at the corner of Spring Street and Pearl Street. These events are free and open to music lovers of all ages!

From the inspirational grooves of West Africa to the pulse of Latin clave, the Afrophysicists cover a lot of ground with with their mighty horns, melodic vocals and strong interlocking guitar parts; all propped up by a driving rhythmic foundation of percussion, bass and drums.

Aaron Bibelhauser is a bluegrass and americana singer, songwriter, and picker from Louisville, KY. 

This string bands sound has proven to be an appropriate fit with a wide range of musical styles- traditional folk, bluegrass, jazz, punk rock and anything else they might run into.

The band blurs the lines between funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and dance. From pulsing dance songs to improvised extended jams, smooth r&b to funky rock and roll, Big Atomic has proved to be a very versatile group. 


Riverfront Independence Day Celebration

The Riverfront Independence Day Celebration is set for July 3, 2017 at the scenic Riverfront Amphitheater. This annual event features music from Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers (6 generations of Bluegrass and Old-time Mountain Music Tradition) and local favorites The Louisville Crashers. The Riverfront Independence Day Celebration is also jam packed with family friendly things to do, from challenging the kid-friendly rock wall, playing around in the bounce-houses, running through the inflatable obstacle course, and more!

Riverfront Independence Day Celebration
July 3, 2017 - 6:00pm
Riverfront Amphitheater, New Albany

Be sure to stop at one of the many local food and drink vendors to fill up and grab something refreshing! You can always feel free to pack a picnic to bring down, but due to Indiana alcohol laws, no outside alcohol is permitted into the venue. 

 The Louisville Crashers.

The Louisville Crashers.

 Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers.

Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers.

Everything leads up to the spectacular fireworks display at dark. Special thanks to our good friends and presenting partners, the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County, for their generous support of this event. We would also like to thank McBride's Fleet for their support as well. 

NAHA Maintenance Issues Brought to Attention of Mayor

As the City of New Albany continues to push forward with a modern vision for public housing, inspectors have been analyzing current conditions of the properties and found multiple issues with our current stock of public housing units. A recent timeline of the New Albany Housing Authority and details of the issues found are below.

Recent timeline of the New Albany Housing Authority

Mold and Roof Leaks

In May, inspectors visited Parkview Tower and found numerous instances of both mold and roof leaks in the property. These issues were found in common areas, such as stairwells, as well as inside units.

Failure to Maintain Properties

Numerous instances were found where properties were improperly maintained. Properties had roof leaks, broken cast iron, massively clogged drain pipes, un-maintained playground equipment for children, and more.

Estimates are currently being provided to either fix these important issues or to proceed with demolition in some circumstances where repairs are not feasible. 


City Assists Beach Mold & Tool with Business Expansion

At this evening’s New Albany City Council meeting, the council will take under consideration a tax abatement request from Beach Mold & Tool, Inc.

 A recent expansion of the Beach Mold & Tool property.

A recent expansion of the Beach Mold & Tool property.

Beach Mold & Tool is locally-owned premier manufacturer in the plastics industry that also has a full-service tool shop. They produce parts for customers in the medical, business systems, and automotive industries. In 2015, they announced the award of a major program to become a Tier One supplier to a major automotive manufacturer, and they will begin production for this program in August 2017. A tier one company is the most important member of a supply chain, supplying components directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that set up the chain. Beach Mold & Tool was recently awarded another major Tier One program from the automotive manufacturer, with production set to begin in 2019.

Due to these recent awards, Beach Mold & Tool will be expanding their existing Tool Shop, purchasing a larger capacity crane, and adding over 160 new jobs through 2019. The new programs will also help Beach Mold & Tool retain current employees, increase compensation levels, and hire higher paid hourly and salary employees.

“Beach Mold & Tool is an exceptional local employer, and they have recognized that New Albany is a great place to continue to grow their business. We are very happy that Beach Mold & Tool will be expanding in our community,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.