Basin 16 Division B

Basin 16 Division B is an installation of 4200 lineal feet of 15-24 inch sewer pipe through neighborhoods adjoining Silver Street, including Carlton Drive, Indiana Avenue, Willard Avenue, McDonald Avenue, Sanderson Street, and Morton Avenue.

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6/7/2018 UPDATE:  Sewer installation has been completed on Morton Avenue.  Remaining sewer installation consists of a segment on McDonald Avenue from Willard to Sanderson and on Sanderson from McDonald to Korb Avenue.  The sewer crew has been idle this week while Indiana American Water company completes the relocation and replacement of the water main and services on McDonald and Willard Avenue.  The water company work should be completed this week and the sewer installation will resume on Monday, June 11th.

There is approximately three (3) weeks of sewer installation work remaining.  Upon completion of the sewer installation, crews will begin road restoration, which will consist of full width paving of all streets disturbed, curb and sidewalk replacement (of areas removed or damaged).

5/11/2018 UPDATE:  The sewer crew’s production has picked up and they have installed all sewer pipe on Willard up to the intersection of McDonald Avenue.  From this point the installation will continue down McDonald towards Morton Avenue and then up Morton towards Korb.  Once this leg of sewer is installed the crew will return to McDonald and Willard intersection to lay down McDonald towards Sanderson.

Indiana American Water is also onsite performing necessary water line relocation and replacement.  Their crew should begin replacement of the main on Willard from Indiana to McDonald the week of May 14th.  The new main in this area is anticipated to be located beneath the sidewalk on the north side of Willard.  Once replacement and testing is complete, Indiana American’s contractor will also replace any damaged or removed sidewalk associated with the water main replacement.  After the work on Willard is complete a section of main on McDonald will be replaced.  Their work should not disrupt water service to any homes.

Lastly, once all sewer work is complete the crew will begin road restoration work which will provide for the paving of all streets impacted by the work.  Additionally, any curb or sidewalk that was removed or damaged as a part of the work will be replaced.

4/25/2018 UPDATE:  Indiana American Water has delayed the start of the planned water main replacement on Willard Avenue while their engineering department finishes plan development.  As soon as their updated schedule is made available, we will post an update to this site.  Sewer installation continues on Indiana Avenue and is approaching McLean Avenue.  Sewer installation on Indiana Avenue is expected to be completed by the first of next week.

4/23/2018 UPDATE:  Last week sewer installation work resumed on Indiana Avenue starting at Willard and progressed to a point near Morton Avenue.  Sewer work will continue progressing down Indiana Avenue this week.  Indiana American Water is scheduled to have a contractor begin replacing the existing water main on Willard Avenue between Indiana and Korb starting Tuesday, April 23rd.  Water service outages are not expected during the replacement of the main other than very brief interruption when service is switched from the old water main to the new one.

4/12/2018 UPDATE:  Due to water main leaks and breaks, production on the sewer installation has been suspended for the past two weeks.  Indiana American Water has been working diligently to identify, locate and repair leaks near the intersection of Willard and Indiana Avenue.  As of Wednesday, 4/11/2018, Indiana American appears to have the leaks in the area stopped and the sewer installation crew is planning to resume activities on Monday, 4/16/2018 within the intersection of Willard and Indiana Avenue.

4/6/2018 UPDATE: Work is currently underway on the Basin 16 Division B Sewer Improvements. A map below shows the current progress of the crew (green is completed, red is work that is still ongoing) and will be updated as crews move through the neighborhood.