New Albany to Complete Ohio River Greenway Commitment

The City of New Albany has begun preliminary work to prepare for the final planned section of New Albany’s portion of the Ohio River Greenway Project. This project will extend the section that currently ends near E. 8th Street. The project features a limited road and extension of the Greenway multi-use path. In preparation for this project, some trees are being cleared along the construction path in advance of the May letting as required to prevent adverse impact to the Indiana Bat, and replacement trees will be planted as part of this project. The City of Clarksville is anticipated to complete the bridge across Silver Creek that will connect the New Albany and Clarksville portions of the Greenway.

The project is scheduled to be let this May, with construction beginning this summer. This section of the project is an 80/20 match, with INDOT funds covering 80% of the project cost and New Albany responsible for the other 20%. Construction is estimated to take approximately 1.5 years.