Mayor Gahan Congratulates NAFCS

Congratulations New Albany Floyd County Schools on your tremendous victory in passing the school improvement referendum. This investment will provide our children with  much-needed school improvements that will allow them to continue to compete and excel in the future.  Great job in getting the message out to the people that our kids deserve safer and more modernized schools. In addition, our community will see improved property values, better neighborhoods, and most of all, a rededication to scholastic excellence in New Albany and Floyd County without increasing taxes for the community. 

Let the passing of this school referendum serve notice to the entire State of Indiana that parents, teachers, grandparents, and many working professionals will not surrender our position of leadership when it comes to the education of our children. 

Terrific job Superintendent Dr. Bruce Hibbard, Families for Floyd County, the New Albany City Council, and many other organizations for leading in a crucial and fragile time when public education is under attack in Indiana. 

Many, many thanks to the people of New Albany and Floyd County for supporting this measure. Your effort, faith, and commitment keeps New Albany moving forward to an even better future. 



Mayor Jeff Gahan