City Works to Minimize Morning Commute Traffic Congestion During Construction

The City of New Albany and New Albany Police Department are working to address and mitigate traffic congestion on downtown and feeder roadways during the daily morning commute that is caused by several factors such as I-64/I-264 interchange rehabilitation and when traffic accidents occur during the morning drive.

The NAPD has identified four areas where traffic bottle-necking is likely to occur:

  1. W. Main St. at W. 5th St.
  2. W. Spring St. at the I-64 interchange
  3. W. Spring St. at Scribner Av.
  4. Spring St. at State St.

Chief Bailey has stated that officers will respond to these and other locations as needed to ensure a “safe and speedy” commute for everybody. 

Bottleneck areas identified by the NAPD during the morning commute.

Bottleneck areas identified by the NAPD during the morning commute.

Additionally, NAPD Chief Bailey mentioned the following tips to motorists to “ensure the quickest and easiest commute possible.”

  1. Please utilize all available lanes / turn lanes on Spring St. and W. Main St. (Motorists tend to get into the center lane on Spring St. which has a bottleneck effect at the interchange)
  2. Do not block intersections or enter an intersection you cannot obviously clear. This action is not only unlawful but creates more issues after the fact.
  3. Be courteous to fellow drivers by letting others merge when possible.
  4. Follow the instructions of Police Officers.  They are there to help.

“These traffic congestion issues are the product of many factors, including the interchange re-construction and traffic accidents. We are doing our best to ensure that we are reviewing all traffic patterns and how we can best accomodate them during these construction periods. Long-term, we hope that these issues will be mitigated by our Downtown Grid Modernization Project,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.