Comprehensive Plan Moves to Council for Approval

For over a year, the City has been working hard on updating its Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan outlines public policy with regards to land use, transportation, housing, recreation, and utilities.

Gathering Community Input

The city began by extensively interviewing over a dozen stakeholders, including realtors, educators, developers, neighborhood reps, and others. In September of 2016, a public meeting was held at the Calumet Club, with all residents invited to attend and provide their thoughts on how to best move the city forward. The city also received over 700 responses from residents to an on-line survey that allowed New Albanians to give feedback on what issues are important to them and what the comprehensive plan should focus on. This is all in addition to the hundreds of hours from volunteer steering committee members that helped guide and shape the plan based on input directly from residents.

Highlights of the Plan

The comprehensive plan that will go before the City Council for approval outlines the future development for the city, including additional latitude for zoning and code enforcement. It also includes protections for the knobs, one of our most treasured natural resources. Additionally, the comprehensive plan details goals for the decentralization and modernization of public housing.

“The comprehensive plan focuses on creating a more environmentally aware plan for future development and redevelopment of New Albany,” stated Scott Wood, Director of Planning and Zoning.

The comprehensive plan also includes strategies for continuing to grow our downtown, protections for adjoining neighborhoods, and a renewed focus on making New Albany a more walkable and pedestrian friendly city.