Stormwater Project on 15th Street to Begin Next Week

The final project of the $6 million New Albany Stormwater bond will begin on April 21st. This project will reconstruct and upgrade a 36 inch stormwater line that runs along 15th Street (from Elm to Beeler) to a 60 inch, concrete reinforced pipe. 

The pipe underwent a structural failure in 2015, and an emergency temporary solution was put in place to correct the issue. Plans include the replacement of aging infrastructure while improving drainage capacity and conveyance. A large diameter storm sewer and catch basins will be installed to help reduce localized flooding in the area. 

Construction is approximately $2.3 million, and will take 120 days.

“We are excited to get started on this very important infrastructure improvement project that will provide a long-term stormwater solution for the area and reduce the threat of flooding for many residents,” stated Mayor Gahan.