NAHA Maintenance Issues Brought to Attention of Mayor

As the City of New Albany continues to push forward with a modern vision for public housing, inspectors have been analyzing current conditions of the properties and found multiple issues with our current stock of public housing units. A recent timeline of the New Albany Housing Authority and details of the issues found are below.

Recent timeline of the New Albany Housing Authority

Mold and Roof Leaks

In May, inspectors visited Parkview Tower and found numerous instances of both mold and roof leaks in the property. These issues were found in common areas, such as stairwells, as well as inside units.

Failure to Maintain Properties

Numerous instances were found where properties were improperly maintained. Properties had roof leaks, broken cast iron, massively clogged drain pipes, un-maintained playground equipment for children, and more.

Estimates are currently being provided to either fix these important issues or to proceed with demolition in some circumstances where repairs are not feasible.