Mt. Tabor Road Project Update

On January 2nd, the City of New Albany held the third public information meeting for the Mt. Tabor Road Project. After receiving feedback and comments from residents and engineers, the City of New Albany has removed plans to modify the intersection at Mt. Tabor Road and Klerner Lane. As part of this federally-funded project, the four-way stop will remain.

The city will continue forward with the rest of the Mt. Tabor Road Improvement project, including new drainage, curbs, and sidewalks on both sides of the roadway. Signals will be updated at both Mt. Tabor Road and Charlestown Road, as well as the Mt. Tabor Road and Grant Line Road intersections.

In 2013, the roadway experienced a failure along the north hillside near East Oakwood Drive. The city immediately proceeded with an emergency, temporary repair at the road slide in order to keep the roadway safe. The Mt. Tabor Road Improvement project will provide a long-term fix for the stabilization issues along Mt. Tabor Road.

The City of New Albany will complete a new traffic survey and analysis regarding the reconstruction of the intersection at Mt. Tabor Road and Klerner Lane at a later date.

“We will keep working to improve the roadway and infrastructure at Mt. Tabor Road,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “We welcome and appreciate the input and feedback from our neighbors and business owners. Please stay connected by reading the News and Tribune and by visiting our website.”