Systems Failure Causes Evacuation of Riverview Towers

At this morning’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer issued a notice of unsafe structure for the Riverview Towers property owned by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Electrical Systems Failure.jpg

Last week, a small fire caused Riverview Towers to lose all air conditioning systems. Yesterday morning, further damage caused the electrical systems for the building to fail. A permanent fix for the electrical failure is still being worked on by electrical engineers. It is currently unknown how long it will take to repair the system. As a result of the electrical system failing, residents were evacuated to temporary residences

“Years of neglect and reduced funding at the national level has finally caught up with the HUD properties in New Albany,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “We are striving to change the current model to better serve our city’s needs before these types of failures cause injury. The citizens of New Albany deserve better and we are making progress, but we have a long way to go. We will need help from local, state, and federal officials to make the types of changes and improvements we need.”

Based on the recent failure of the electrical systems, New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer has determined the building to be unsafe and uninhabitable.

“In order to protect the safety of residents, I am issuing a notice to vacate the Riverview Towers,” stated Building Commissioner David Brewer. “To protect the life and safety of residents of Riverview Towers, the property will need to pass a full inspection before any occupants will be allowed to move back into the property.”

Working with the New Albany Housing Authority, residents will still be allowed access to their apartments in Riverview Towers to gather belongings or supplies.

“We will be working with HUD and the New Albany Housing Authority to make sure the safety and needs of residents of the Riverview property are taken care of first and foremost as we begin to evaluate the maintenance recommendations for the building,” stated Mayor Gahan.