Upcoming Road Repairs, Patching, and Paving Schedule

Street Paving Continues.jpg

The City of New Albany is working hard to repair and resurface roads throughout the city. Milling and paving operations are scheduled for the following areas in upcoming weeks. Please be aware of workers in these areas as we work to complete these important infrastructure projects. These schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Oxford Drive
9/24: Road Patching and Milling
9/25: Paving

Graybrook Lane (from Bono to Daisy)
10/1: Milling
10/2-10/3: Patching and Repairs
10/4: Paving

Hausfeldt Lane (from Grantline Road to the railroad near IUS ball fields)
10/4: Milling
10/5: Patching and repairs
10/8: Paving

Hedden Park
10/4: Milling
10/9: Patching and Repairs, along with Paving

University Woods Drive
10/8: Milling
10/10: Patching and Repairs
10/11: Paving

Vincennes Street
10/8: Milling
10/12: Patching and Repairs, along with Paving

State Street (intersection work)
10/12: Milling (nighttime work)
10/15 – 10/16: Patching
10/17 – 10/18: Paving

Green Valley Road
11/6 – 11/9: Patching