Mayor Gahan Responds to Reports of Hate Speech

Last night the Human Rights Commission held a meeting regarding Nazi and other hate speech stickers being distributed in the city.  Members of the board had two individuals comment on their observations regarding this matter.  It was reported that hundreds of Nazi and other hate speech stickers have been distributed and seen in the city.  To date, two incidences have been reported to police dealing with approximately 8 stickers and those matters were investigated immediately. 

“We take these reports seriously,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.  “I have directed the New Albany Police Department to immediately follow up on the incidents brought forth at the Commission meeting and investigate them thoroughly.”

“We are proud to have one of the few Human Rights Commissions in the State of Indiana to bring these issues to the surface.  Hate speech and hate groups are not welcome in the City of New Albany,” continued Mayor Gahan.  “New Albany is a safe and welcoming community and hate messaging is not reflective of our values of inclusion, tolerance, and respect.” 

In addition, Mayor Gahan stated, “I would encourage the State legislators of Indiana to pass a Hate Crime Bill similar to those passed in 45 other states in this country, which to date our State has chosen not to recognize.” 

Residents are asked to call the police at 812-944-6411 if they see similar stickers so officers can properly document and investigate.