Flood Control Backup Power.png

Today, work began on installation of back-up power systems for the New Albany Levee System. When completed, the project will provide on-site backup power to all six pump plant facilities. This power system will allow the Levee System to continue operations in the event of a utility failure. This makes New Albany the only city in the area to have complete, on-site backup power that can operate its entire system.

“This is another important step that we are taking to improve flood protection for the citizens of New Albany,” stated Mayor Gahan.

The project is expected to be completed by October 31st, well before the start of the next flood season (December 1st – April 30th).

Other recent Flood Control improvement projects include rehabilitating, rebuilding, or replacing all pumps (19) within the Levee System to like-new status, repairing and sealing portions of the concrete flood wall, and making improvements to pump-house facilities.

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