City Assists Beach Mold & Tool with Business Expansion

At this evening’s New Albany City Council meeting, the council will take under consideration a tax abatement request from Beach Mold & Tool, Inc.

A recent expansion of the Beach Mold & Tool property.

A recent expansion of the Beach Mold & Tool property.

Beach Mold & Tool is locally-owned premier manufacturer in the plastics industry that also has a full-service tool shop. They produce parts for customers in the medical, business systems, and automotive industries. In 2015, they announced the award of a major program to become a Tier One supplier to a major automotive manufacturer, and they will begin production for this program in August 2017. A tier one company is the most important member of a supply chain, supplying components directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that set up the chain. Beach Mold & Tool was recently awarded another major Tier One program from the automotive manufacturer, with production set to begin in 2019.

Due to these recent awards, Beach Mold & Tool will be expanding their existing Tool Shop, purchasing a larger capacity crane, and adding over 160 new jobs through 2019. The new programs will also help Beach Mold & Tool retain current employees, increase compensation levels, and hire higher paid hourly and salary employees.

“Beach Mold & Tool is an exceptional local employer, and they have recognized that New Albany is a great place to continue to grow their business. We are very happy that Beach Mold & Tool will be expanding in our community,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.