Downtown 2-way Conversion Update - Market Fully 2-way on Oct 31

downtown NA.JPG

The Downtown Grid Modernization Project is nearing completion as crews are putting the finishing touches on the project.

Crews have been busy connecting detection loops into controller cabinets over the past week. This will allow the stoplights to detect cars waiting at a light, which should decrease wait times at stoplights in the downtown grid. For the past few months, these signals have been on a timer system. Crews will continue to monitor the detection loops over the next few weeks to help smooth downtown traffic. Work is also being finalized at the 15th and Spring Street intersection, as well as the Main and Pearl intersection, where crews are installing new controllers and signal heads as well as pedestrian crossing buttons.

The final stretch of Market Street set to be converted to 2-way traffic (from State Street to West 5th Street) will convert on October 31st. The intersection at Scribner and Market Street will temporarily be a 4-way stop while crews work to convert the signal. After this conversion is complete, all of Market Street will hold 2-way traffic.