Police Chief Todd Bailey to Participate in Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey is celebrating many milestones this year. A few days ago, he turned 50 years old. This year is also his 20th anniversary serving with the New Albany Police Department.

chief bailey monumental marathon fin.jpg

“There are a lot of great milestones happening for me this year, and so I decided to knock another thing off my bucket list – running my first ever marathon,” stated Chief Bailey.

Chief Bailey, in the past year, has taken up running as a great way to get in shape and improve his health. This past year, he has been focused on improving his health and losing weight. Since April of 2017, he has lost over 60 pounds.

“Ever since I have taken up running, I feel better and healthier each day,” he said.

This Saturday, Chief Bailey will be participating in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, a full 26.2 mile run through the heart of Indianapolis. As part of his preparation for the marathon, he has been raising money from the event in order to support the New Albany Police Department’s holiday celebration. So far, he has raised over $2,000 to give back to the NAPD.

From all of us at city hall, we wish Chief Bailey well on his first ever marathon!