Demolition to Begin Next Week

Revitalization set to begin at Vincennes and East Market Streets.  The New Albany Redevelopment Commission obtained possession of the old Tommy Lancaster’s Restaurant and Market Boy Convenient Store. Both structures, over years of neglect, have become eyesores and blight in the area. Tommy Lancaster’s Restaurant once served thousands of customers over several decades. However, the restaurant closed in 2011 and has been vacant and deteriorating since its closing. Market Boy, which sits adjacent to Tommy’s, has not seen any improvements for years and too has become a blight and eyesore for the area. 


Both properties, Tommy’s and Market Boy, are set to be razed in the coming week. The properties were evaluated and determined to be unsalvageable. Upon demolition, the Redevelopment Commission will begin the process of revitalization by putting the properties together in a Request for Proposal to spur economic development in that area and along the Vincennes corridor. 

“Tommy’s and Market Boy are two establishments that have served our community well over the years,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan, “but it is exciting to facilitate and make way for brand new development here in New Albany.”