Stormwater Projects at Wildwood, Captain Frank Road to Begin Monday

With the recent rain events, two areas were located by the Stormwater Department as in need of repairs and upgrades to help ensure that the drainage system is operating efficiently and effectively.

culvert replacement.jpg

One location is at the entrance to the Wildwood subdivision, where a culvert under the roadway is in need of replacement. The existing corrugated metal pipe will be removed and replaced with a new reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). The new pipe, according to Jorge Lanz with Jacobi Toombs & Lanz Engineers, should provide a useful life of over 50 years.

“The contractor had proposed a different type of pipe, but I recommended we switch to the RCP to provide a more long-term solution,” stated Mr. Lanz. “This project is something that is necessary, and it’s always great when we can catch these issues ahead of time and provide solutions before major problems occur.”

Work will begin at this location on Monday, April 16th. The project will require the closure of the entrance to the subdivision. Residents in this area will need to use the Braeview Drive exit. This work is expected to only take 1 working day to complete (weather dependent), and then crews will move to the second project.

The second location is along Captain Frank Road, where workers will be removing the existing pipe and installing new drainage infrastructure. This work will require a closure of Captain Frank Road, north of the Valley View intersection. Traffic control measures and detour signs will be put in place to assist with traffic while the work is completed.