Flood Prep Underway

Pump Plants Activated.jpg

Based on current predictions, the swelling Ohio River will reach 55 feet and put New Albany into “flood stage” tomorrow and continue to rise. Flood Control crews are prepping certain areas that are expected to be affected.

“The safety and well-being of our city and its residents is the number one priority during events like this,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “Critical infrastructure improvements, like the ones we have made recently in flood control protection, really prove their worth during these times.”

Recent Upgrades to Pump Stations

To protect the community, the city rehabilitated 6 pumping plants and 19 pumps in 2014. Motors for all pumps were either completely rebuilt from the ground up or fully replaced. Investments in flood control infrastructure continues, as this year the city looks to invest in a new backup power system to keep all stations running during a severe emergency.

Expected Street Closures from Current Projections

This evening, one pumping plant will come online, with a second and third pumping plant projected to come online by Wednesday. Water Street, near the Riverfront Amphitheater, is currently closed at the boat ramp due to rising waters. Early tomorrow morning, Old Ford Road is projected to be closed at the intersection of Old Ford Road and Armstrong Bend Road. Signage will be placed at both ends of Old Ford Road to notify residents of the closure.

Based on current projections, these are the only roads that will need closure. The Ohio River is expected to crest at 61 feet on Friday, February 15th. Please be aware of Stormwater and Flood Control crews working near waterways, catch basins, affected roadways, and other areas during this time.