Redevelopment Commission Approves Health and Wellness Initiative at NAHS & Multiple Infrastructure and Safety Projects


“Today, the City moved forward with a plan for New Albany’s future – improved safety and connectivity, roadway infrastructure investments, and some healthy assistance to our local schools,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.

“These items go hand in hand with the goals of our recently approved Comprehensive Plan for the city,” stated Scott Wood, Director of Planning and Zoning.”

Four key items were passed by the Redevelopment Commission.

Grant Line Road at Blackberry Ridge: Along Grant Line Road near Grant Line Elementary, the elevation of the roadway near the entrance to the Blackberry Ridge subdivision blocks sight lines, creating a safety issue. The Commission voted in favor of a project that will lower the elevation of the roadway, improving sight lines and safety in the area.

$1 Million Approved for Additional Paving: The Commission allocated $1 million in additional paving that will supplement the yearly paving program.

New Roadway connecting North Y to 4th Street: The commission also approved construction of a new roadway that would connect the end of 4th Street (near Padgett Crane) to the “North Y,” where Charlestown Road and Grant Line Road intersect heading downtown.

Funding for Health and Wellness Program at NAHS: The commission voted in favor of partnering with New Albany High School to improve their health and wellness facilities. The board approved up to $100,000 in funding to redevelop the weight room and exercise area at the school to improve the school’s health, physical education, and wellness programs.