Flood Prevention Project Set to Begin

elm and scribner flood.png

Last year was the heaviest rainfall year on record, and things do not look to be slowing down in the upcoming years. Recent weather models predict increased rainfall over the next few decades for the Midwest.

One area of the city that is prone to flooding is the intersection of Scribner and Elm Streets, just off the I-64 exit.

Crews will begin a project on Monday (August 5th) evening that will replace the current stormwater system in that area, increasing capacity, and alleviating flooding in the area. The current stormwater system at that intersection is simply not large enough to handle the type of rains that we have been getting.

Most of the heavy work on the project is expected to be completed during night hours to avoid disruption to traffic. Some lane shifts are expected while work is ongoing. The project is expected to take three (3) weeks to complete.

β€œThe construction site will be a little inconvenient, but the flooding will not be an issue in the future. Thanks in advance for your patience,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.