Mosquito Abatement to Begin Monday

On Monday, April 18th, the mosquito abatement program is scheduled to resume for the 2016 year.  The abatement beginning on Monday is dependent on both the temperature and weather – it must be above 60 degrees outside and not raining.  Application start times begin at dusk and continue through midnight.  Forecasts (as of April 14th) appear to be good conditions for the mosquito abatement program to begin.

Where will the abatement cover?

The abatement route will cover the corridors of Corydon Pike, State Street, Green Valley Road, Grantline Road, Charlestown Road, Spring Street, and all public parks and green spaces.  The current plans call for two, weekly applications.  

What do I do if I observe a mosquito problem?

All mosquito problems should be reported to the Mayor’s Office and/or the Floyd County Health Department (FCHD).  The FCHD monitors mosquito populations through the season, and serious issues and concerns are forwarded to the Abatement Program.

What product is being used for the abatement program?

This control program uses a fogger that covers a two-mile radius to apply the anti-mosquito product Duet.  The active ingredients in Duet have been carefully tested, and the product is registered for ground and aerial applications in outdoor residential and recreation areas.  Its active ingredients break down rapidly in sunlight into carbon dioxide and water vapor.  Duet has been widely used in mosquito control since 1975.