Flood Control and Stormwater Operations Continue - Crest Projected on Monday Afternoon

Flood Control operations continue as the Ohio River reached 66.36 feet as of 4pm on Sunday. New projections are showing a crest on Monday at 1pm at a height of 67.4 feet. Water levels should begin decreasing at a slow rate, but projections anticipate the water level still being above 60 feet by next Friday (March 2nd). Pumphouses continue to operate and be staffed around the clock, moving over 200,000 gallons of water per minute.

“Our Stormwater and Flood Control systems are operating as intended,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “Provided that we do not receive too much additional rain through next week, we should see the water levels begin to recede soon.”


Here are some good historical reference points for the highest water level at crest:

  1. 85.4 feet on January 27th, 1937
  2. 74.4 feet on March 7th, 1945
  3. 74.4 feet on February 16th, 1884
  4. 73.4 feet on March 13th, 1964
  5. 72.7 feet on April 2nd, 1913
  6. 72.2 feet on February 16th, 1883
  7. 70.4 feet on March 7th, 1997
  8. 69.6 feet on February 21st, 1832
  9. 69.1 feet on January 22nd, 1907
  10. 68.8 feet on December 17th, 1847


Please report Stormwater issues at 812-945-1989 (7:30am-3:30pm Mon-Fri), or after-hours at 502-558-1507.