Solid Flood Protection for New Albany - No Emergency Rescues, No One Displaced


flooding 2.26.18.jpg

As of Tuesday afternoon, no reports of displaced residents have been made with City of New Albany offices. The New Albany Fire Department also reported that no water rescues were necessary.

“Over my 27 years of service in law enforcement, I have never seen a better response to a flood event than we have seen with this recent one in New Albany,” stated New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey.

The NAPD and NAFD had additional officers and firefighters on staff during the period to improve public safety. No calls for service were made to the NAPD or NAFD with regards to flooding issues.

“In years past for similar rain events, we would have to make numerous water rescues to save residents in neighborhoods that have been flooded. Thanks to the numerous infrastructure improvements made throughout the city, New Albany residents were not in need of water rescues from this event,” stated New Albany Fire Chief Matt Juliot.