State Street Signal and Traffic Flow Improvement Project

State Street Signal Project.jpg

Traffic flow improvements are coming to State Street.

The City of New Albany has been working on improving the street signals along State Street. The signals that had previously been up were quite old and outdated. These outdated signals led to traffic issues and did not allow for modern techniques and infrastructure that will help improve traffic flow.

Recently, new street signals have been installed along the corridor. While construction has been ongoing and the new signals were being installed, the signals had to be set to a “timed” system – which essentially means that lights will stay red for a set amount of time and then shift over to green, and vice versa.

Now that all of the new, modern street signals have been installed along State Street, crews are now working on installing detection loops and an Interconnect System. This system will allow the street signals to communicate with each other based on current traffic flows and alter green/red light timings accordingly. Essentially, this should allow traffic to move on State Street much more smoothly than it currently is.

Crews have finished paving throughout intersections along State Street and are currently working on striping and street markings, as well as pedestrian signals at each crosswalk.

The entire project is anticipated to be finished within the next month. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete this important infrastructure project.