Concerns Regarding the Regional Development Authority

RDA Concerns.jpg

At tonight’s city council meeting, One Southern Indiana (the Chamber of Commerce) will present to the council an overview of the Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA). 

In light of this presentation, Mayor Gahan wanted to voice some concerns regarding the RDA initiative.

“The current RDA legislation (IC 36-7.6) undermines voters in Indiana,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “As written, it transfers oversight of public funds and projects away from City and County Councils to persons who have not been elected by voters to hold public office. It grants vast autonomy and protections to those who have not taken The Oath of Office and who have not sworn to act in the best interest of the people of Indiana. And, at this time, there is no money to support the RDA and no funds have been pledged by the current members, which could be a good thing. Elected bodies have a history of being accountable to the wants and the needs of the people. Democracy is good, right?”